The Berkshire pig is revered for its juiciness, flavor and tenderness.  We take pride in being part of its distinguished heritage as well as keeping the Berkshire breed alive, right here in the heart of California.  Legend has it that over 300 years ago, Oliver Cromwell's army were the first to discover the breed while in winter quarters just outside the town of Reading in Berkshire County, England. Since then, Berkshire pork (or Kurobuta as the Japanese call it) has been prized by chefs and pork enthusiasts alike. 

Stone Valley Farm raises heritage Berkshire hogs. Our work with top breeders and Iowa State University has led us to develop a pig that we feel has an old world flavor to match the West Coast palate. This brings a wonderful tenderness, marbling and intense flavor that is appreciated by our discerning clients. No matter what cut of our pork you choose, you can taste the quality as a result of our hard work and diligence.